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Archives for February 2004

Statements by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Tassos Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos:I would like to  point out that our side, for quite a while has been seeking and has made a written appeal to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to reconvene talks on the basis of the Annan plan, with a view to reuniting our island before our accession to the European Union on May 1, 2004 .  [Read more…]

Opening statement of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the statement agreed by all parties after three days of talks at the UN, as read by the Secretary-General

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, or good evening to those of you  watching in Cyprus.

Indeed, I believe it is a very good evening for Cyprus.

We have not yet solved the problem, but I really believe that, after  forty years, a political settlement is at last in reach, provided both sides summon the necessary political will. [Read more…]

Secretary General’s and his Special Adviser’s Press Conference on Cyprus

Secretary General: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen – or good evening to those of you watching in Cyprus .

Indeed, I believe it is a very good evening for Cyprus . [Read more…]

Statements by President Papadopoulos after final joint meeting with the Secretary General

Papadopoulos: I said that we have had three days of intense negotiations. We are very glad that after these negotiations we have achieved what we have been asking for the last nine months resumption of the talks under the auspices of the Secretary General. [Read more…]

Statements by Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesman after 12 hour joint meeting on Cyprus

Beglitis : We had a very important and I would say very hard negotiation this long night. From our part we have worked in a very constructive spirit in order to find a solution on the statement proposed by the Secretary General. We have made many positive proposals in order to meet our common obligation to restart the negotiations for the Cyprus political problem. Unfortunately we have met many problems, I would say from the Turkish side. [Read more…]

Statements by Tom Weston after meeting with President Papadopoulos

Weston: I am not going to make a comment on optimism or pessimism, we are looking forward to another session this afternoon with the Secretary General and the two leaders and we will see what happens in that session. I am not making a judgment on optimism or pessimism until that takes place. [Read more…]

Statements by Alvaro de Soto after the 1st joint meeting of the two sides with the Secretary General

Alvaro de Soto : You already know the operative part, which is that we adjourned until tomorrow 4pm . I should say first of all, for the purpose of information that the Secretary-General had separate meetings with the leadership on both sides. Subsequently, he had a direct meeting which adjourned a few minutes ago. [Read more…]

UN Briefing by Secretary General Spokesman Fred Eckhard – Statements on Cyprus

Today is Cyprus day at the United Nations and we are pleased to inform you that the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders have arrived in NY, in pursuant to the Secretary General’s invitation. Delegations of the three guarantor parties are also on hand as the SG requested. [Read more…]

Press Encounter with Alvaro de Soto following his meeting with President Papadopoulos

Q: Do we have a meeting set?

de Soto : Yes there is a meeting scheduled for the afternoon

Q: One meeting or?

de Soto : Two brief separate meetings just before but the direct meeting is to take place at 4.00 pm. [Read more…]

Secretary-General’s Press Encounter following his Briefing to the Security Council on Iraq and Cyprus

Q: [inaudible, on Cyprus]

SG: You mean, when is the meeting tomorrow? My team is in consultations with the parties. It’s likely to be in the afternoon. Some of the delegations are arriving today and I think we should give them a chance to relax and not push them into negotiations first thing in the morning.

Q: [inaudible, on Cyprus]

SG: Once the programme is settled – we will let you know. [Read more…]