October 23, 2018

Secretary-General’s remarks to the press following meeting with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I would once again like to thank Their Excellencies, Mr. Christofias   and Mr. Eroglu, for accepting my invitation to join me at Greentree over   the last two days.

This has been our fourth meeting together as we work to develop a   comprehensive settlement for Cyprus. We last met in July in Geneva. At   that meeting we agreed that the sides would intensify the talks in order   to reach convergences on outstanding core issues in the negotiations.

Since July, in that intensified phase, the leaders met 19 times in an   intensive way. It was a difficult period at times, but both sides   stayed the course and progress was made on some key outstanding issues.   Considerable advances were made in the areas of economy, EU matters and   internal aspects of security. Much less progress was made in the   important areas of governance, property, territory and citizenship.

I invited His Excellency Mr. Christofias and His Excellency Mr.   Eroglu to Greentree in the hope of reaching further convergences on   these central issues. I have also used the opportunity of our time   together at Greentree to assess how close the two sides are to reaching a   solution.

The sides have made some encouraging progress during these two days   on some of the remaining core issues. As my Special Adviser noted,   discussions have been positive, productive and vigorous. This has given   me confidence that a comprehensive settlement can be achieved. Both   leaders have assured me that they believe that they can finalize a deal.

There is still work to be done. Their Excellencies, Mr. Christofias   and Mr. Eroglu, have agreed that further efforts are essential over the   next two months to move to the end game of the negotiations. My Special   Adviser and his team remain ready to assist. I have invited the two   leaders to meet with me again in a similar format in January next year.   By then, I expect the internal aspects of the Cyprus problem to have   been resolved so that we can move to the multilateral conference shortly   thereafter.

Thank you very much. Thank you.