December 17, 2018

Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 4, 2012

With regard to the announcement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey (3 November 2012) concerning the second round of licensing in the framework of the policy of the Republic of Cyprus to explore and exploit undersea hydrocarbons, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus emphasizes the following:

It is an inalienable and sovereign right of every state, and therefore of the Republic of Cyprus as well, to search for, explore and exploit hydrocarbons within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Both the European Union in its entirety, as well as a great number of foreign Governments have repeatedly taken a position on the subject and have expressed their support to the Republic of Cyprus regarding the exercise of its sovereign rights to exploit its natural resources within its EEZ. They have also condemned Turkey’s unacceptable and illegal behaviour, which tries to intimidate and create tensions in the region through threats and provocative acts.

Through its announcement and the threats that it launches against companies, two of which come from the European Union, the Turkish Foreign Ministry shows once again Turkey’s true face. The occupying power has a heavily blemished record of violations of international law both with regard to its international and national behaviour. The corroboration of such behaviour through yesterday’s announcement, therefore, comes as no surprise since it reconfirms that Turkey does not respect the pertinent international law and violates explicit international obligations that she has. The Government of Cyprus is certain that the Turkish threats will once again fall into a vacuum.

The Republic of Cyprus will continue its policy in the field of hydrocarbons undistracted and with determination, always acting respectfully toward International Law and the Law of the European Union, for the benefit of the state of Cyprus and for the advancement and prosperity of all the people of Cyprus: Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins. The President of the Republic and the Government in general, have taken a clear position concerning the benefits that our Turkish Cypriot compatriots will enjoy with regard to the hydrocarbon issue through the solution of the Cyprus problem.
Turkey, unfortunately, continues to hold the Turkish Cypriots hostage to her own strategic interests. Instead of “admonishments” and threats, Turkey must at last decide to terminate the military occupation of Cyprus and act in a way that does not run counter to the efforts for a speedy reunification of Cyprus through a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem that will allow all Cypriots to enjoy freely and peacefully everything their country has to offer them.