September 19, 2018

Press Release Condemning the Act of Violence in Jerusalem

The Republic of Cyprus condemns the act of violence that took place yesterday in Jerusalem which resulted in many deaths of innocent civilians, especially children.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus urges once more both sides to show maximum restraint, since it has been demonstrated time and again in a tragic manner that any resort to violence not only fails to produce any tangible benefits for either side, but on the contrary aggravates and exacerbates an already tense situation.

Yesterdays bomb attack proved yet again that diplomacy still remains the only available option for both Israel and the Palestinians to resolve their differences. Therefore, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus strongly calls upon both sides to refrain from using armed force against each other and return instead to the negotiating table immediately.

Once again, our fervent hope and earnest belief is that peace with justice, security, prosperity and stability prevail among all the people of the Middle East.