June 1, 2020

Statement by the Senior Deputy Permanent Representative of Jordan to the United Nations, Mr. Mahmoud Daifallah Mahmoud Hmoud, on his capacity as President of the Security Council on Cyprus, 22 January 2014

“During consultations today the Security Council heard briefings from the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Cyprus Mr. Lisa Buttenheim and the Special Advisor of the Secretary-General Mr. Alexander Downer.

Council members expressed their support for the political process in Cyprus and for reaching an agreement as soon as possible on a joint statement between the two sides which would lead to re-launching meaningful and effective negotiations.

Council members expressed broad support for the Good Offices exercise by the Secretary-General in the process and for the mission of Mr. Downer. Moreover there was broad support for the renewal of UNFICYP’s mandate for additional 6 months.

Thank you.”