January 23, 2017

Welcome message from the Permanent Representative to the United Nations

The Republic of Cyprus, a UN member since 1960, firmly believes in true multilateralism. It attaches great importance to the peaceful cooperation among states and to the adherence to the principles of International Law and the UN Charter. Cyprus has great interest in many issues of global concern and is actively engaged in the promotion of human rights, peace and security. As an EU member, Cyprus takes a keen interest and supports the UN development agenda and contributes to addressing vital challenges like climate change, achievement of the MDGs and gender equality.

Being the last country in Europe under military occupation, Cyprus is deeply committed to the central role of the UN in the maintenance of global and regional peace and supports the Organization’s role in finding a peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem. Within the UN framework, Cyprus continues its efforts for a settlement that will safeguard the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity of the country as well as the full restoration and implementation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriot citizens without discrimination.

I hope that this website will provide useful information to its visitors about the activities of the Republic of Cyprus in the international arena.

Ambassador Nicholas Emiliou
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cyprus to the UN