October 18, 2018

Archives for March 1998

Statement by the Cyprus Foreign Minister Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides regarding the S-300 missiles

The Foreign Minister, Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides, on March 18, made a statement in which he also referred to the question of the S-300 missiles. He made the statement after a meeting in Nicosia with the Swedish Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Gunnar Lund, who raised the subject with him. [Read more…]

UK welcomes proposal by the Cyprus Government for Turkish Cypriot participation in the EU accession talks

British Foreign Minister Robin Cook, who on his way to Egypt yesterday (16.3.98) made a short stop at Larnaca Airport, expressed satisfaction with EU consensus over the opening of accession talks with the Republic of Cyprus and welcomed a proposal by President Clerides for Turkish Cypriot participation in the EU accession talks. [Read more…]

Turkish Cypriot opposition rejects Denktash’s efforts to destroy intercommunal talks

In a move aimed at placing obstacles to the UN efforts to revive the intercommunal talks, the so-called parliament in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus, approved on March 10 1998, a “resolution” supporting a proposal from Mr. Denktash that the Turkish Cypriots should not take part in future talks, unless the so-called “state” in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus is recognized. [Read more…]