May 9, 2021

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Welcome Message from Ambassador Andreas Hadjichrysanthou


Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations.

Cyprus has been a proud member of the UN since its independence in 1960. The UN has always been at the core of Cyprus’ foreign policy; as a small state, we see our values and interests firmly embedded in a rules-based international order, and consider the UN as the cornerstone of effective multilateralism to address global challenges, including in relation to peace and security, climate change, protection and promotion of human rights for all, and sustainable development.

It is a great privilege to serve as Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the United Nations. Together with our small but dynamic team, we work to advance the interests, and the principles and the values of Cyprus. As an EU Member State, we also contribute, in coordination with our EU partners, to the enhancing and deepening of the EU – UN partnership which is focused on the promotion and protection of the multilateral and rules-based global governance system.

Please follow our activities here on the website and on twitter @CyprusinUN.

Ambassador Andreas Hadjichrysanthou


Written statement submitted by Cyprus to the United Nations Security Council open debate on “Sexual Violence in Conflict”

New York, 14 April 2021

This statement complements that of the European Union and offers some concrete suggestions towards combating sexual violence in conflict.

The prohibition of rape and other forms of sexual violence by customary international law, in both international and non-international armed conflicts, as well as the wide recognition of such acts as war crimes since the first codification of the laws of war in early military manuals, and as crimes against humanity in current international legal practice, provides a strong framework for combating sexual violence in conflict. The fact that sexual violence continues to be prevalent as a weapon of war and humiliation points to non-implementation as one of our biggest failures. In addition to non-implementation, impunity can only be perceived by perpetrators as a shield. Having experienced aggression and conflict, Cyprus is well aware of the profound scars of sexual violence on women and girls and how these scars are compounded by impunity. Read more….



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