September 28, 2022

Statement by President Anastasiades at the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly


United Headquarters, 23 September 2022

Mr. President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

With only a few months left of my 10-year tenure in office, I stand before you to address the plenary session of the General Assembly for the very last time.

I would have wished nothing more than for this address to have been a reflection of positive developments in what humanity has had to face or is facing.

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Η Μόνιμη Αντιπροσωπεία της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας στα Ηνωμένα Έθνη, Νέα Υόρκη, δέχεται αιτήσεις για πλήρωση μίας (1) θέσης Γραφέα/Δακτυλογράφου με τους όρους επιτόπιου προσωπικού για πλήρη απασχόληση στη βάση συμβολαίου για περίοδο ενός έτους με δυνατότητα ανανέωσης. Η μισθολογική κλίμακα της θέσης είναι η αρχική βαθμίδα της Κλίμακας GS-5 με ετήσιο μεικτό μισθό που ανέρχεται σε 41,981 Δολάρια Αμερικής. Η εργοδότηση θα γίνει σύμφωνα με τις Οδηγίες για την Απασχόληση και τους Όρους Υπηρεσίας του Επιτόπιου Προσωπικού των Διπλωματικών Αποστολών της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας στο Εξωτερικό. [Read more…]

Post Vacancy in Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the UN

The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cyprus to the United Nations, New York, is accepting applications for the position of one (1) Clerk/Typist with the terms of local staff on a full-time contract basis for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal. The salary scale of the position is the entry level of the GS-5 Scale with an annual gross salary of US$41,981. The employment is governed by the Employment Guidelines and the Terms of Service of the Local Staff of the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus Abroad. [Read more…]

Statement by Amb. Hadjichrysanthou, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Statement by Ambassador Andreas Hadjichrysanthou, to the 15th Conference of the State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

UN Headquarters, 14 June 2022


Thank you, Mister President.

Cyprus aligns itself with the statement [to be] delivered by the European Union. I would like to make the following additional remarks in my national capacity.

As one of the most vulnerable and marginalized social groups, persons with disabilities continue to be at risk of exclusion, facing barriers to full and effective participation across all sectors of society. The experience of the pandemic shows us that additional drastic measures and reforms are required in all areas of life of persons with disabilities, especially in areas of assistive technology, work and employment and risk situations, which will be discussed during this Conference. [Read more…]

Statement by Amb. Hadjichrysanthou at the UNSC Open Debate on “Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict”

United Nations Headquarters, 25 May 2022

Madam President,

My delegation aligns with the EU statement and wishes to make some additional remarks.

We note the small reduction in civilian casualties, reported by the Secretary-General in his latest report. Still the immense scale of suffering of the millions of civilians who have to survive in dire [Read more…]

Statement by the PR of Cyprus Amb. Hadjichrysanthou at the UN SC Open Debate – Women and Peace and Security

amb-sexualviolenceinconflict-13-4-22UN Security Council Open Debate on Ending Cycles of Sexual Violence in Conflict, under the item “Women and peace and security”

United Nations, 13 April 2022

Thank you, Madam President, for organizing this important debate. My statement will be complementing that of the European Union, to which we fully subscribe.

Sexual violence as a weapon of war cannot be considered as an inevitable consequence of armed conflicts, despite the fact that the history of this disturbing phenomenon is as long as that of war itself. And despite the increased attention to the Women, Peace and Security agenda, we observe that significant gaps remain in effectively addressing this phenomenon. [Read more…]

Statement by Amb. Hadjichrysanthou, 66th Session of the Committee on the Status of Women

amb-csw-2022Priority Theme: Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes

United Nations, 17 March 2022

Madam Chair,

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates,

My delegation fully subscribes to the statement delivered by the European Union. I would like to make some additional remarks in my national capacity. [Read more…]

Statement by Mr. Harris Chrysostomou – International Law Commission – Sixth Committee

Item 82 (Cluster II) – Report of the International Law Commission

UN General Assembly, 1 Nov. 2021

Madame Chairperson,

As this is the first time that Cyprus takes the floor under your Chairmanship, I would like to join the previous speakers in congratulating you and the esteemed members of the Bureau on your [Read more…]

Statement by DPR Ms. Polly Ioannou to the UN Security Council Open Debate, 21 October 2021

 UN Security Council Annual Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security: Investing in Women in Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

New York, 21 October 2021

Thank you, Madam President, for organizing this debate. As requested, my statement will be as concrete as possible, complementing that of the European Union, to which we fully subscribe. [Read more…]

Speech by the President Anastasiades at the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly


United Nations Headquarters, 24 September 2021  

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the elected President of the seventy – sixth session of the General Assembly, His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Shahid, and the Secretary – General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, on his recent re-election to a second five-year mandate, and assure of my Government’s unwavering support to his mission. [Read more…]