June 13, 2024

Cyprus Permanent Representative sends letter to the UN S-G condemning the abduction of a Greek Cypriot by the occupation regime

The Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN Ambassador Sotos Zackheos on December 28 has sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General asking him to use all his influence and intensify efforts to secure the immediate release of abducted Greek Cypriot Panicos Tziakourmas, who is illegally detained in the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia by the occupation regime. [Read more…]

Cyprus journalists deplore bombing of “Avrupa”

On the night of November 26 to 27 a deplorable attack occurred against the premises where Turkish Cypriot daily newspaper “Avrupa” is printed in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus. [Read more…]

Belgian Senate calls upon Turkey to comply with UN resolutions

The plenary of the Belgian Senate called on Turkey to comply with UN resolutions on Cyprus and withdraw its troops from the island. [Read more…]

The Unilateral Declaration of Independence of the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus in violation of International Law and UN Security Council Resolutions

November 15 marks seventeen years since the illegal regime in the occupied part of Cyprus, with the encouragement of the Turkish government, unilaterally declared independence in violation of international law and of the treaties of establishment and guarantees of the Republic of Cyprus. [Read more…]

Progress report on Cyprus’ accession course says Cyprus economy grows strongly

On November 8, 2000 the European Commission issued its progress report on Cyprus’ accession course. The report was satisfactory in that it stated that Cyprus continues to fulfill the Copenhagen political criteria. [Read more…]

Message by President Clerides on the occasion of Cyprus Independence Day

The anniversary of the independence of the Cyprus Republic coincides this year with a period of talks held within the framework of the United Nations in order to find a solution to the Cyprus problem. [Read more…]

President Clerides on proximity talks

Exiting the UN building on September 23 from a meeting with UN Special Adviser Alvaro De Soto, President Glafcos Clerides said that the discussion on all four issues, defined by the UN in the context of the proximity talks, will be completed with Monday’s (September 25) meeting with the UN. [Read more…]

Panel of judges of European Court of Human Rights concluded the fourth interstate application of Cyprus against Turkey

A hearing on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe in a case of human rights violations in Cyprus by Turkey concluded the legal proceedings of the fourth inter-state application the Republic of Cyprus has filed against Turkey. [Read more…]

Government Spokesman replies to Turkish Foreign Minister

Commenting on a reference to Cyprus made by Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr Ismail Cem, before the UN General Assembly, the Government Spokesman, Mr Michalis Papapetrou, yesterday made the following statement: [Read more…]

The Latin Community in Cyprus

Upon the establishment of the Cyprus Republic in 1960, many minority religious groups became recognized through constitutional law. Among these groups were the Maronites, the Armenians and the Latins. The Latins, a Roman Catholic religious group, has a history that dates back many centuries. [Read more…]