October 18, 2018

Archives for July 2001

The 27th Anniversary of the Invasion and Occupation of Cyprus

July 20th, 2001 signifies another tragic anniversary for the people of Cyprus as it marks the twenty-seventh year since the Turkish invasion of the Republic of Cyprus and the subsequent occupation of almost 40% of its territory. [Read more…]

Message by the President of the Republic of Cyprus on the Occasion of the Anniversaries of the Coup and Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Twenty-seven years have gone by since the tragic events of 1974 and the people of Cyprus still continue to suffer from the horrible consequences of the illegal Attila invasion of Cyprus which occurred under the pretext of a criminal coup. [Read more…]

Letter by Ambassador Zackheos on Decision of ECHR on Cyprus (A/55/1012 – S/2001/678)

[Read more…]