November 14, 2018

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Statement by the DPR Mr. Menelaos Menelaou – Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly

Revitalization of the General Assembly, Fourth thematic debate on the Strengthening of the Institutional Memory of the Office of the President of the General Assembly

UN Headquarters, 28 April 2017


Since this is the first time we are taking the floor in the context of this year’s work of the Ad-hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the General Assembly, let me at the outset, commend you for the excellent way in which you conduct our deliberations. [Read more…]


 Press Briefing by the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Stéphane Dujarricdujjaric

I wanted to say a few words about a friend and colleague who, as you may know, passed away on Thursday after a battle with lung cancer.

For almost 30 years, Maria Zoupaniotis was the press counsellor at the Mission of the Republic of Cyprus.  I think, if we kept track of these things, she would have been the dean of the spokespeople at the Missions. [Read more…]

Απεβίωσε η Μαρία Ζουπανιώτη

Με αισθήματα βαθύτατης θλίψης ανακοινώνουμε  το θάνατο της συναδέλφου και φίλης Μαρίας Ζουπανιώτη, Διευθύντριας του Γραφείου Τύπου και Συμβούλου στη Μόνιμη Αντιπροσωπεία της Κύπρου στον ΟΗΕ, η οποία άφησε την τελευταία της πνοή χθες 13 Απριλίου 2017 στο νοσοκομείο Mercy Medical Center στο Long  Island της Νέας Υόρκης ύστερα από μία σύντομη άνιση μάχη με τον καρκίνο. [Read more…]

UN Disarmament Commission, Statement by DPR Menelaos Menelaou, 3 April 2017

United Nations Disarmament Commission

2017 substantive session

Madam Chair

At the outset, on behalf of Cyprus delegation, I would like to congratulate you on the assumption of the chairmanship of this session of the United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC) and wish you every success in discharging your duties. [Read more…]