February 22, 2019

Address by President Clerides at the official dinner in honour of the Prime Minister of Ireland H.E. Mr. Bertie Ahern, T.D.

I wish to extend a very warm welcome to An Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern and Ms Larkin, as well as to his accompanying delegation.

Your Excellency, your presence here reaffirms our determination to enhance even further the close relations and friendly ties that link our countries and peoples.

Ireland has long been and remains a strong advocate of the all-important issues of international peace and security, democracy and human rights. Special mention should be made to its active support of the work and objectives of the United Nations in such domains as humanitarian crises, disarmament and notably peacekeeping, an area of contribution, where Cyprus has benefited for years, for which we remain deeply grateful.

Aware of this constructive role your country can play for the furtherance of justice and international legal order, we are firmly convinced that Ireland΄s membership in the Security Council, which has just commenced, will be of key significance in the pursuit of these crucial issues.

I wish to seize the opportunity to commend your country’s positive and constructive contribution in the search for lasting peace, for reconciliation and cooperation with Northern Ireland. With wisdom and pragmatism your have made and continue to make great efforts to address effectively the problems related to Northern Ireland and particularly to secure the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.


In our struggle to address the challenges facing Cyprus, primarily to solve the long-standing Cyprus question and secondly to join the European Union, we greatly appreciate your principled and consistent support. In our quest to reverse the injustice and the illegalities inflicted against Cyprus, to lay the foundations for lasting peace, we firmly believe that the Cyprus accession process to the European Union will positively influence the search for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus question.

As a country which has benefited in many respects from membership of the European Union, Ireland is well positioned to appreciate, as it does, our aspiration to be part of the European family and enjoy political stability, security and prosperity. All these fine achievements which constitute some of the Union’s greatest strengths.

And now I wish to invite you all to rise and toast to the excellent relations between Cyprus and Ireland and to the reinforcement of our close friendship and cooperation.