July 17, 2018

New Year Message by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades

31 December 2013

My fellow citizens,

On the occasion of the New Year, I address myself to you with deep feelings of appreciation and respect wishing that the New Year mark the beginning of the end of the ordeals that our country faces.

The year that we are leaving behind us tonight has been a challenging year. The Cypriot people were asked to pay a heavy price for all the mistakes, distortions and problems of the system over time; to suffer the consequences for the indecisiveness, lack of courage and fear of undertaking responsibility of the past.

Our people are, once again, experiencing great hardship. However, under these hard circumstances we have demonstrated the courage and the tenacity to change what needs to be changed. We have proved that we have the strength to fight, so that our country may stand on its feet again, so that the economy will recover and pride and dignity will return for the Cypriot citizens.

The stance of responsibility, diligence and solidarity of the Cypriot people under these difficult conditions, are a lesson in diligence and responsibility as well as an unequivocal reply to all those who thought that we would crumble in the face of the unprecedented trials which we are being subjected to.

My well known feelings of gratitude and thankfulness towards our people are not enough to recompense them for the greatness of their contribution to the titanic effort we all together making in order to rebuild and reestablish the Cyprus economy.

Together, we have already set the foundation for the future.

·By preventing the bankruptcy of the country,

·By laying the foundations for the restructuring and modernization of the outmoded state of 1960,

·By moving decisively towards the consolidation of meritocracy and the fight against corruption,

·By creating the conditions for social solidarity and support of the vulnerable groups in society.

I am perfectly sure that we all want, can and will achieve our goals and realise our visions, as long as we stand together. Cyprus can soon become a European, modern, strong and secure country, a factor of peace and stability in our region.

Addressing our people as a whole, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, I would like to declare my belief that Cyprus can soon become another country that will offer protection and equal prospects of decent living to all of its lawful residents across its territory.

The prerequisite for this is a solution of the Cyprus problem that will end occupation and colonization, will enable Cyprus to get rid of foreign troops and foreign dependencies and will restore and safeguard the inalienable human rights and fundamental freedoms of all lawful citizens. A solution of bizonal, bicommunal federation, functional and sustainable that will reunite the people, the country, the institutions and the economy.

The solution of reunification and safeguarding of human rights that we pursue is for all Cypriots. For Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, as well as for any lawful inhabitant, no matter where they belong, what language they speak, what religion they profess.

We do strive for the solution of the Cyprus problem competitively or as part of a blame game. I want to assure our Turkish Cypriot compatriots that neither the extension of uncertainty nor the continuation of the existing unacceptable state of affairs serve the Greek Cypriot side.

We are not interested in who shall bear responsibility for the stalemate that will keep our country divided. We are interested in avoiding deadlock. We are interested in reaching a solution. We are interested in the reunification of our common homeland.

We are interested in the reunification’s being supported by the people, withstanding turbulence, developing opportunities for growth and prosperity, ensuring European principles and values, ensuring stability in Cyprus and the region and allowing the conditions to form alliances and being creative together for the benefit of everyone.

That is why we are insisting that before embarking on a dialogue, we should clearly and without the trace of any dispute, clarify the basic principles of the solution of the Cyprus problem so that we shall be discussing the conditions for reunification instead of negotiating the terms of dissolution.


2013 was hard. 2014 will not be easy… But in the next year we will create the conditions for a better tomorrow. During 2013 we put an end to a bad past. During 2014 we shall open the window to a promising future.

The New Year will mark the beginning of the rebirth of our country. We will come out of a year of tribulation into a year of hope. This depends on all of us. We will put our country back on its feet. With our hard work. With our perseverance. With solidarity towards our compatriots. With our unity.

I wish to all our people each one individually, health, strength and prosperity. Many happy returns!