October 23, 2018

Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Tanker “Morning Glory”

March 17, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to announce the following with respect to the tanker “Morning Glory”: 

(a) As previously announced, the tanker “Morning Glory” had been immobilized, since last Saturday, in international waters to the southeast of Cyprus.

(b) Around midnight on Sunday, 16.03.2014, the Security Authorities of the Republic ascertained that the tanker was moving in a westerly direction, still within international waters. As a precaution vessels of the Republic were used to monitor the course of the tanker.

(c) The tanker was immobilized anew within 18 nautical miles south of Limassol.

(d) In the early morning hours of today, the “Morning Glory” was placed under the control of the Special Forces of the United States Navy and according to official information we have received, it is heading west escorted by vessels of the U.S. Navy.