May 18, 2021

Continuing concern for the enclaved Greek Cypriots in the occupied areas

Almost 24 years have passed since the adoption of the Vienna Agreement of August 2 1975 by which certain steps and measures in the humanitarian field ought to have been taken by the Turkish side in order to improve the living conditions of the Greek Cypriots who remained in the occupied part of Cyprus after the 1974 invasion. [Read more…]

Internet to inform the Turkish Cypriots on European Union matters

The Cyprus team negotiating accession to the European Union and the European Commission delegation in Nicosia are using the Internet to inform the Turkish Cypriots on European Union matters. [Read more…]

Turkish propaganda continues

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus regrets Turkey’s attempt to involve Cyprus in the Ocalan affair by making accusations that Cyprus harbours Kurdish military training camps. [Read more…]

Turkish propaganda against Cyprus is rejected

The allegations by the Turkish Government that the official authorities of the Republic of Cyprus were involved in the Ocalan case, were rejected by the Cyprus Government as totally unfounded and groundless. [Read more…]