May 9, 2021

Right of Reply by the Representative of Cyprus Ambassador Constantine Moushoutas in Response to a Statement made by the Permanent Representative of Turkey at the 56th General Assembly

Mr. President,

I feel I cannot remain silent when the occupation of my country is mentioned in the General Assembly. Indeed resolution 37/253 refers to it and calls for the withdrawal of the occupation troops from the Republic of Cyprus. It further demands respect for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and Unity of the Republic of Cyprus. It also, calls on all member states to assist the Republic of Cyprus to exercise its sovereign rights and control over the whole territory of the Republic.

What is more resolution 3212, unanimously adopted by the General Assembly, including the vote on Turkey, and endorsed later by Security Council resolution 365, and thus made mandatory, calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the Republic of Cyprus.

These resolutions remain, through the audacity of Turkey, unimplemented, and the occupation continues.

Thank you Mr. President.