September 28, 2021

Message by President Clerides on UN Day

On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, I wish to extend warmest congratulations on behalf of the people and the Government of Cyprus and on my own behalf and to renew our dedication and commitment to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

It should never be forgotten that back in 1945, when the signing of the Charter of the United Nations was taking place , humanity was just emerging from the ashes of a world war unparalleled in its history. Since then developments at the international as well as at the regional level have, indeed, confirmed that there is still an imperative need to protect and maintain world peace and security, in conjunction with achieving universal respect for and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Today, at the threshold of the 21st century as the world turns a new page in its history where, hopefully, the nightmare of a nuclear holocaust, superpower rivalry and confrontation as well as of sterile polarization seem to have receded into memory, the United Nations are all the more confronted with the great challenge of global issues of social and economic character which pose a serious danger not only to the lives of the people in various parts of the globe, but also to the very foundations of world peace, security and stability. And it is incumbent on all the peoples of the United Nations to work together to face successfully these dangers. Not only for themselves but also for the generations to come.

We, the people of Cyprus, still faced with the tragedy befallen on our small country with the invasion and continuing military occupation of 37% of its territory by Turkish troops, continue to place our hopes on the United Nations for a just and, viable and lasting solution to the problem of Cyprus. We continue to look forward for a peaceful reunification of our island to be achieved through negotiations within the framework of your mission of good offices, on the basis of the United Nations Resolutions on Cyprus and the two high level agreements of 1977 and 1979.

In concluding, Your Excellency, I wish to reassure you of our full support in your efforts to maintain peace and security throughout the world and to promote the ideals of universal respect for and promotion of human rights, social justice and prosperity for all the peoples of the world.