September 28, 2021

The Cyprus Government welcomes interim Middle East Peace Accord

The Cyprus Government on 26 October issued an official statement welcoming the interim Middle East Accord while expressing the hope that the agreement will facilitate talks for security in the region.

The statement said that the deal, signed in Washington on 23 October between the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian President , Yasser Arafat, “is expected to effectively contribute in efforts towards lasting peace and security in the Middle East.”

Expressing the hope for the implementation of the deal according to the agreed timetable, the Cyprus Government points out that it is ready to contribute- as it has done in the past -in achieving the goals set out in the agreement.

“We hope the agreement will affect positively Israel’s talks with Syria and Lebanon,” the statement notes, adding that this development would result in a successful peace process and peace in the region as a whole.