October 17, 2021

Statement by H.E, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis to the 5th Committee of the 59th Session of the General Assembly, on Agenda Item 126: “Financing of UNFICYP”

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation aligns itself fully with the statement delivered earlier by Belgium on behalf of the European Union, and would like to make some additional remarks from a national perspective, specifically in relation to the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Cyprus and in particular the Report of the ACABQ that our Committee has in front of it (doc. No A/59/734 dated 10 March 2005) .

I would like to note that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus remains fully committed to its obligation under article 19 of the March 1964 Agreement, between the United Nations and the Cyprus Government, concerning the status of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, which provides that “the Government shall provide without cost to the Force and in agreement with the Commander, areas for headquarters, camps and other premises as may be necessary for the accommodation and the fulfillment of functions of the Force”. The agreement excludes alterations and renovation for the enhancement of premises. In that respect, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, in addition to its voluntary contribution which amounts to one third of the total UNFICYP budget, has been providing for the routine maintenance of the facilities of UNFICYP as well as for material, equipment and services, with an expenditure which has come to approximately $2.7 million dollars annually, in recent years.

The Cyprus Government received a note verbale from UNFICYP on 22 November 2004, which included a report concerning the condition and safety of facilities provided to the Force by the Government of Cyprus, in particular Camp San Martin, Ledra Palace Hotel and Wolseley Barracks, under the terms of SOFA, as well as a range of options that need to be evaluated and implemented. In response, my Government taking into consideration that due to the wear of time the aforementioned camps require extensive repairs and renovation, has undertaken with good will and in a constructive manner, thorough examination of available options. All relevant departments are jointly tackling the issue with a view to finding a satisfactory solution to the new emergency requirements for relocation of members of UNFICYP.

In concluding, I would like to reiterate that my Government is undertaking all necessary measures to provide safe and secure facilities to the Force in conformity with its obligations. I would like to also stress that the Government of Cyprus recognizes the importance and urgency of assuring the good maintenance and safety of UNFICYP and will do its utmost in consultation with the Force in Cyprus and the United Nations Secretariat to find a swift and satisfactory resolution to this technical matter.

Thank You Mr. Chairman.