September 28, 2021

The European Commission on the results of the Turkish Cypriot Voting

The “elections” in the northern part of Cyprus reflect the growing desire of the Turkish Cypriots to find a solution on the basis of the Annan plan and to allow for the accession of a reunited island to the EU on 1 May 2004. The European Commission hopes that a new administration will be in place as soon as possible in order for the Turkish Cypriots to grasp the opportunity to reach a comprehensive settlement on the basis of the Annan plan. To that end we call upon all parties to reengage in the UN led talks without delay. The Commission is convinced that securing a comprehensive settlement on the basis of the Annan plan by 1 May 2004 would be in the best interest of all Cypriots and of the region.

The Commission is ready to offer assistance for a solution and to prepare all necessary steps for the application of the acquis to the northern part of the island. We are also ready to organise an International Donors’ Conference in order to mobilise funds arising from a settlement. Moreover, the EU is willing to accommodate the terms of a settlement in line with the principles on which the EU is founded and to provide additional funds to assist the northern part of the island in the event of a settlement.