May 18, 2021

S/1994/380 – Report of the Secretary-General on his mission of good offices in Cyprus

United Nations


  Security Council Distr.: General

4 April 1994

Original: English


Report of the Secretary-General on his mission of good offices in Cyprus

1. The present report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 902 (1994) of 11 March 1994. In paragraph 4, the Council requested me to submit a report by the end of March 1994 on the outcome of my efforts to finalize an agreement on the modalities for the implementation of the package of confidence-building measures first described in my report to the Council of 1 July 1993 (S/26026).

2. In my most recent report to the Security Council (S/1994/262), on 4 March 1994, I informed the Council of the efforts that I had made since my previous report submitted on 22 November 1993 (S/26777). By the end of February, the discussions on the seven issues on the agreed agenda of the proximity talks with the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus had clarified to a large extent their respective positions. It was agreed that my representatives should put forward ideas designed to assist the two parties to reach a common position by reconciling their views on each of the issues that comprised the agenda.

3. A paper entitled “Draft ideas for the implementation of the package of confidence-building measures” was presented to each leader on 9 March by my Deputy Special Representative, Mr. Gustave Feissel. On 16 and 18 March, Mr. Feissel engaged in extensive discussions of the draft ideas with each leader. On the basis of these discussions, an adjusted version of the draft ideas was prepared, taking into account many of the points raised by each side. My Special Representative, Mr. Joe Clark, returned to Cyprus on 19 March and remained there until 23 March. During his stay, meetings took place with each leader on 21, 22 and 23 March in an attempt to reach an agreement on the basis of the adjusted ideas as presented to both leaders on 21 March.

4. In commenting to Mr. Clark on the 21 March text of the ideas, the Turkish Cypriot leader voiced numerous objections, stating that the ideas contained changes from the wording of the package of 1 July 1993 in favour of the Greek Cypriot side. He emphasized in particular his continuing objections to the proposals in the ideas related to security of access between the United Nations-controlled buffer zone and Varosha, the arrangements concerning traffic rights at Nicosia International Airport, the schedule for the implementation of the Varosha/Nicosia International Airport package, especially regarding the timing of benefits to the Turkish Cypriot community and the collection by the United Nations of customs duties in both areas. The leader of the Greek Cypriot community stated that, while he did not like many of the changes that had been introduced in the 21 March text, he was prepared to accept that revised text if the Turkish Cypriot leader would do likewise.

5. Before leaving Cyprus on 23 March, Mr. Clark stated publicly that he had not received from the Turkish Cypriot side the agreement that he had hoped for on the implementation of the package. He stated that there was still time to reach an agreement before I had to submit my report to the Security Council and that he hoped that news would be received from the Turkish Cypriot side that would make an agreement possible. He stated that Mr. Feissel would remain in touch with both leaders.

6. On 28 March, Mr. Feissel again met with the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community to pursue discussions to reach an agreement on the ideas for the implementation of the package of confidence-building measures. At the conclusion of this meeting, Mr. Feissel confirmed publicly that there had been no new developments and that the Turkish Cypriot side had not provided the response necessary to make an agreement on the implementation of the confidence-building measures possible.

7. I continue to believe that the package of confidence-building measures, combined with the revised ideas of 21 March 1994, offers real benefits to both sides, which would accrue to each in a fair and timely manner. During the next few weeks, my representatives and I will continue high-level contacts with the two Cypriot parties and others in pursuit of an agreement on the present basis. I shall report in greater detail by the end of April on those contacts and on the substance of the proximity talks, together with my recommendations to the Security Council as to what further measures it may wish to consider.