May 9, 2021

Statement by the G8 on Cyprus

The Cyprus problem has gone unresolved for too long. Resolution of this problem would not only benefit the people of Cyprus, but it would also have a positive impact on peace and stability in the region.

Both parties to the dispute have legitimate concerns which can and must be addressed. The members of the G8 are convinced that only comprehensive negotiations covering all relevant issues can do this.

The members of the G8, therefore, urge the U.N Secretary General in accordance with relevant U.N Security Council resolutions to invite the leaders of the two parties to negotiations in the fall of 1999. They call upon the two leaders to give their full support to such a comprehensive negotiation, under the auspices of the U.N Secretary General.

In accepting this invitation, the two parties/leaders should commit themselves to the following principles: -No pre-conditions; -All issues on the table; -Commitment in good faith to continue to negotiate until a settlement is reached; -Full consideration of relevant U.N resolutions and treaties.

The members of the G8 undertake to give their full and sustained backing to the negotiating process and hope that it will prove possible for it’s outcome to be reported to the meetings of the Heads of State and Government at the OSCE Summit this November.