May 9, 2021

Foreign Minister expresses shock over murder of enclaved person

The Foreign Minister, Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides, has expressed deep shock over the murder of Stelios Harpas, a Greek Cypriot enclaved in the Turkish-occupied area whose charred body was found in his car near Rizokarpasso village on Tuesday. Mr. Kasoulides, who was speaking after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, said the Cyprus Government will convey internationally that it holds the occupation authorities responsible for the physical integrity and security of the enclaved in the occupied area. If the security of any citizen is taken for a fact, the security of the enclaved should be considered as a double obligation and double responsibility, he said.

Mr. Kasoulides said he would convey this message to UNFICYP and demand that this matter be investigated and cleared up. He also said UNFICYP would be asked to ensure that injustice is done. September 1, 1999.