May 18, 2021

Address by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Glafcos Clerides to the OSCE Summit ’99

Mr. Chairman,

We would like to join others in expressing to his excellency, president Suleyman Demirel, and through him to the government and people of Turkey, our sincere condolences for the devastating earthquake which has again struck his country causing so many human and material loses and to kindly ask him to convey to the bereaved families our heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

Mr. Chairman,

The adoption of the charter for European security is a significant step forward in strengthening peace and stability in the OSCE area.

We are convinced that the promotion of comprehensive security within the OSCE region will be enhanced by the implementati0on of the principles contained in the platform for co-operative security.

In parallel to our efforts to create a common and indivisible security are we should not neglect our strife to ensure full respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to national minorities. We should however, continue to safeguard the principle for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states.

The recent crisis in South Eastern Europe constitutes a bitter reminder that the danger of conflicts within and between states has not receded. It has also underscored the absolute necessity to strength the co-operation between our organization and those international organizations concerned with the promotion of preventive diplomacy, thus making a more rational and effective use of the available resources.

In this line of thought, we welcome the establishment of a rapid expert assistance and co-operation team (react), an innovative and ambitious instrument which will improve the OSCE’s crisis response capability.

Also, my country is fully supportive of the stability pact for South-Eastern Europe under the leading role of the European Union. The OSCE, under whose auspices the pact is placed, has a key role to play. Cyprus is willing to contribute with its limited resources to its success.

The situation in Central Asia is a cause of concern to all participating states of the organization and deserves our attention. Special efforts should be deployed to address the underlying causes.

The adoption of new provisions on regional measures on co-operation in the Vienna document 1999 and their implementation will undoubtedly strengthen confidence and security among neighboring states. We also remain committed to the code of conduct on politico-military aspects of security.

The interdependence between the security of the OSCE region and the Mediterranean area is well organized. Cyprus being a Mediterranean country considers it necessary to develop further these relations. We also value the co-operation with other partners for co-operation.

Mr. Chairman,

The OSCE summit is taking place at a time when the Secretary General of the United Nations has proposed the resumption on 3 December in New York of proximity talk between the leaders of the Greek and Turkish-Cypriot communities under his auspices.

The Secretary General’s initiative enjoys the active support of the international community. It follows a call of the G8 at the Cologne Summit and is endorsed by Security Council resolution 1250. The Security Council had defined the parameters within which the future settlement will be agreed a upon.

A good solution which will heal the wounds of the past, remove suspicion and the sense of insecurity felt by both communities, dispelling fears and concerns and establishing a climate of trust, mutual understanding and co-operation is urgently needed and will be to the benefit of all the inhabitants of this divided and long suffering country.

Mr. Chairman, concluding my statement, I would like to express to you our appreciation for the able leadership provided as well as for the sustained and hard work of the Norwegian delegation to the OSCE in Vienna.

Our thanks and appreciation goes also to the government of the host county for the excellent organization of our summit, and the generous hospitality accorded to us.