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S/RES/1250 (1999)

United Nations

S/RES/1250 (1999)

Security Council Distr.: General

29 June 1999



RESOLUTION 1250 (1999)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 4018th meeting,
on 29 June 1999

The Security Council,

Reaffirming all its earlier resolutions on Cyprus, particularly resolution 1218 (1998) of 22 December 1998,

Reiterating its grave concern at the lack of progress towards an overall political settlement on Cyprus,

Appreciating the statement of the Heads of State and Government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America on 20 June 1999 (S/1999/711, annex) calling for comprehensive negotiations in the autumn of 1999 under the auspices of the Secretary-General,

1. Expresses its appreciation for the report of the Secretary-General of 22 June 1999 (S/1999/707) on his mission of Good Offices in Cyprus;

2. Stresses its full support for the Secretary-General’s mission of Good Offices as decided by the Security Council and, in this context, for the efforts of the Secretary-General and his Special Representative;

3. Reiterates its endorsement of the initiative of the Secretary- General announced on 30 September 1998, within the framework of his mission of Good Offices, with the goal of reducing tensions and promoting progress towards a just and lasting settlement in Cyprus;

4. Notes that the discussions between the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and the two sides are continuing, and urges both sides to participate constructively;

5. Expresses the view that both sides have legitimate concerns that should be addressed through comprehensive negotiations covering all relevant issues;

6. Requests the Secretary-General, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, to invite the leaders of the two sides to negotiations in the autumn of 1999;

7. Calls upon the two leaders, in this context, to give their full support to such a comprehensive negotiation, under the auspices of the Secretary-General, and to commit themselves to the following principles:

  • no preconditions;
  • all issues on the table;
  • commitment in good faith to continue to negotiate until a settlement is reached;
  • full consideration of relevant United Nations resolutions and treaties;

8. Requests the two sides on Cyprus, including military authorities on both sides, to work constructively with the Secretary-General and his Special Representative to create a positive climate on the island that will pave the way for negotiations in the autumn of 1999;

9. Also requests the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council informed of progress towards the implementation of this resolution and to submit a report to the Council by 1 December 1999;

10. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.