August 9, 2022

New Year’s Message by the President of the Republic Mr. Glafco Clerides

I would like to communicate with you, the people of Cyprus, at this time and wish you a long life, good health, prosperity and happiness.

While waiting for the New Year to come, I wish, very briefly, to share with you some thoughts and feelings which I am sure you all have.

Tonight not only pleasant but also unpleasant memories come to our mind more vividly. One of these, which continues to be a painful reality, is the continuing occupation of about one third of our homeland by Turkey, with all its repercussions which still affect us.

I am certain, however, that this painful memory strengthens our endurance and determination to struggle and keep our optimism and hope alive and that, finally, justice will be restored in our long-suffering country to the benefit of all Cypriots.

I shall not occupy you tonight with political issues. I shall speak to you about political issues in the next few days.

Tonight, I will simply express my wish, which I believe is the wish of all of us, that the way will open up in the year 2000 for a just, viable and workable solution to our national problem and the unhindered continuation of Cyprus’ accession course to the European Union. Already, the strategy we have been following on these two issues has set in motion various forces which can make a decisive contribution to a solution.

However, it is self-evident that in order to attain our goals we need to achieve the greatest possible unity on our internal front, as well as to continue our excellent cooperation with the Greek Government. Apart from this, if our EU accession course is to be crowned with success, we have to exert greater efforts to reach consensus within the framework of the social dialogue so that all political forces will jointly face the various issues, having in mind the long-term interests of Cyprus.

We have the required capabilities and for this reason we have to devote all our energy to turn into reality in the first years of the new Millennium our common vision for a new Cyprus. A Cyprus which, despite its small size, will secure an enviable place among the developed states in Europe.

Concluding, I would like to send my special greetings to our youth serving in the army, the refugees, the enclaved people and the relatives of the missing persons.

Happy New Year.