March 2, 2024


United Nations


Security Council Distr.: General

14 December 1979


RESOLUTION 458 (1979)

Adopted by the Security Council
on 14 December 1979 at its 2179th meeting,

The Security Council,

Noting the report by the Secretary-General on the United Nations operations in Cyprus of 1 December 1979 (S/13672 and Add. 1),

Noting also the concurrence of the parties concerned in the recommendation by the Secretary-General that the Security Council extend the stationing of the United Nations Peace-Keeping Force in Cyprus for a further period of six months,

Noting further that the Government of Cyprus has agreed that, in view of the prevailing conditions in the island, it is necessary to keep the Force in Cyprus beyond 15 December 1979,

Reaffirming the provisions of resolution 186(1964) of 4 March 1964 and other relevant resolutions:

Reiterating its support of the 10-point agreement for the resumption of the intercommunal talks which was worked out at the high-level meeting on 18 and 19 May 1979 in Nicosia, under the auspices of the Secretary-General (S/13369, para 51),

1. Extends once more the stationing in Cyprus of the United Nations Peace-Keeping Force established under resolution 186(1964), for a further period ending 15 June 1980;

2. Urges the parties to resume the intercommunal talks within the framework of the 10-point agreement in a continuing, sustained and result-oriented manner, avoiding any delay;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to continue his mission of good offices to keep the Security Council informed of the progress made and to submit a report on the implementation of this resolution by 31 May 1980.

Adopted at the 2179th meeting by 14 votes to none. One member (China) did not participate in the voting.