August 9, 2022

Israeli President said his country hopes for a solution to the Cyprus problem

Israeli President Ezer Weizman, speaking at a dinner hosted by him in honour of President Glafcos Clerides, reaffirmed that his country hopes for a solution to the Cyprus problem and supports the island’s accession to the European Union. The President of Israel hosted the dinner on March 29 on the occasion of President Clerides’ visit to Israel. In his speech, President Clerides said that his visit to Israel is “indisputable proof of the remarkable growth and strengthening of our bilateral relations and of our determination in bringing our two countries closer than ever before.”

He said that “there is no easy path to peace,” but noted “the determination of those who are pursuing their noble goals, regardless of the difficulties.”

Referring to the Cyprus problem, President Clerides said that “the many painful compromises on our part and our willingness for a just, viable and lasting solution, and the countless initiatives of the international community have failed to break the deadlock, for they ran afoul of the main stumbling block: Turkey’s obdurate refusal to negotiate. However, great disappointment is, we derive strength from the progress of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, we press ahead, undaunted by the many obstacles, regardless of overwhelming and seemingly impossible odds, with one purpose in mind, which is to reunite our country and restore fundamental freedoms and basic human rights to all the citizens,” he said.

On his part, President Weizman said it was not a coincidence that President Clerides is the first President of Cyprus to pay a state visit to Israel, adding that “the excellent relations between us were strengthened under your presidency and our closeness brought about good neighborliness and a long list of visits which prove the extent of the cooperation between us.”

Weizman noted that Israel hopes for a solution to the Cyprus problem, supports the inclusion of Cyprus in the European Union and hopes that efforts in this direction will be successful.