June 25, 2022

Belgian Senate calls upon Turkey to comply with UN resolutions

The plenary of the Belgian Senate called on Turkey to comply with UN resolutions on Cyprus and withdraw its troops from the island. It also requested Turkey to encourage the Turkish Cypriot side to be more engaged and involved in substantive negotiations for a solution to the ongoing Cyprus problem.

In a resolution adopted unanimously on November 17, 2000 by 55 Senators, the Belgian Senate expressed support for the wish of the government of Cyprus to find a settlement on the basis of UN resolutions and endorses the Republic’s efforts to join the European Union. The Senate urges the Belgian government to include the Cyprus issue in its agenda when it assumes the rotating EU presidency in the second half of next year. The Senate also calls on the Belgian government to try and include the Cyprus problem in Turkey’s partnership agreement with the EU.

The Senate considers the illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus’ northern part unacceptable and takes into account the numerous UN resolutions which call on the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and which affirm that the solution should be based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation with one sovereignty, one citizenship and one legal personality.

The Senate also takes into consideration the EU decision in Helsinki that the political settlement is not a precondition for accession and expresses the view that “the accession of Cyprus can help a solution of the Cyprus problem.”

The resolution “calls on Turkey to comply with UN resolutions and withdraw its troops from Cyprus’ northern areas, to exert its influence on the leaders of the Turkish Cypriot community to enable substantive negotiations to take place and to move towards a resolution based on UN resolutions.”

This resolution was tabled jointly by Philippe Monfils and Ludwig Siquet. Speaking on behalf of the Belgian government, Finance Minister Didier Reynders said the government has taken note of the contents of the resolution and will try to implement it.