December 6, 2022

UN Day Message by President of Cyprus Mr. Glafcos Clerides

Your Excellency,

On the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the United Nations, I wish to convey to Your Excellency on behalf of the people, the Government of he Republic of Cyprus and myself the most sincere wishes, together with assurances of our constant support and earnest dedication to the efforts for the fulfillment of the principles, ideals and objectives of the United Nations, that we fully share.

Fifty-two years after the signing of the United Nations Charter, the maintenance of international peace and security , the promotion of the full respect and universal application of human rights remain the cornerstone of the objectives pursued by the International Organization. These ambitious objectives, however, are unattainable without the joint and consistent efforts of all Member-States. They will be best served through a long-term approach, that strives for global disarmament, the reinforcement of the mechanisms necessary for the peaceful settlement of disputes and the effective involvement of the United Nations in efforts to cope with various other international problems.

Other issues, such as the attainment of socio-economic equality and the well-being for all human beings, regardless of their ethnic, political and religious identities, are of the utmost importance and must also become one of our main priorities.

Your Excellency,

We welcome your comprehensive package of reforms designed to help the organization rationalize its operations, secure its financial position and refocus itself to meet the changes in the global order and in particular as regards the restructuring and strengthening of the main United Nations Organs. We fully support these reforms that are essential in allowing the United Nations to efficiently utilize its valuable and high level of expertise it already possesses.

As far as the Cyprus problem is concerned, may I take also the opportunity to reiterate our deep appreciation for your untiring efforts aiming at achieving a just, viable and lasting solution to this issue that would restore unity in our country and put an end to the tragedy of our people.

We wish to reassure You of our full support to Your efforts and those of the international community and of our commitment to continue working with You in a constructive spirit with a view to achieving a just solution to our problem, based on the relevant resolutions of the United Nations and the principles enshrined in the Charter. Such a solution to this long-standing problem will also reinforce the peace-making role of the United Nations.

As the United Nations enters in a new year which will be crucial for the continuation of its important mission, we express the hope, Your Excellency, that during this 52nd year of its existence, we will witness further substantial progress towards the prevalence of justice, peace and stability on the basis of the universal principles, freedoms and ideals to which we are all committed.

Thank you