September 28, 2021

Response by Mr. Prodromos Vasiliou, Head of Delegation of Cyprus to the 10th UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names to the Turkish Delegation

Thank you Mr. Chairman

Please allow me to express our regret for the content, as well as the nature of the intervention by the distinguished delegate of Turkey. As you may remember from time to time Turkey intervenes to submit political views, instead of constructing ones for the success of the aim and functions of the UN Conferences and UNGEGN for the Standardization of Geographical Names.

Regrettably the Turkish delegation has opted to politicize the discussion in the framework of this conference in its effort to undermine the status of the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus, a member of the United Nations and a member of the European Union. Any reservation on the part of Turkey regarding the international personality of the Republic of Cyprus has no legal effect whatsoever and does not in any way affect its status. Additionally, I may remind the distinguished delegation of Turkey that the Republic of Cyprus is presiding the European Union Council since the 1st of July to 31st December 2012, while Turkey tries to become yet a member.

Cyprus has time and again expressed its views on the illegal nature of the so-called “TRNC”. Pertinent United Nations Security Council Resolutions 541/83 and 550/84 have declared the so-called ‘TRNC’ as legally invalid and have called upon all states not to recognize the purported state of ‘TRNC’ set up by secessionist acts and not to facilitate or in any way assist the foresaid secessionist entity.

It is evident from the intervention that Turkey has not ceased her partitionist policies in Cyprus, but on the contrary, has intensified her efforts seeking primarily the upgrading and ultimate recognition of the secessionist entity.

Nevertheless Turkey, did not comply neither to the above resolution nor to the UN Resolution regarding the standardization of geographical names, in attempting by its occupying forces to change the geographical names in the area under its military control, having arbitrarily and illegally done so in over 35,000 cases in blatant contravention, once more, of the UN resolutions i/4,  iii/16, vi/9 and other, violating as well the cultural heritage of the country.

Consequently, the Republic of Cyprus, is consistently recognized as such and its naming and standing is quite legal and correct.