October 17, 2021

President Christofias says Turkey arrogantly insists on its expansionist policy in Cyprus

Upon his arrival, on Sunday  23 September 2012 in New York, to attend the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly, the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Demetris Christofias  said that this year unfortunately has not brought  good news for Cyprus. Things, he said, are difficult as Turkey arrogantly insists on its expansionist policy.

With regard to the Cyprus problem, the President said that it is faced with an impasse until the upcoming Presidential elections. He further stated that the United Nations would prepare a document of all that has been achieved so far in the talks in which the convergences, convergences that are near to close and the divergences between the two sides would be presented. He added that he conveyed to the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General Alexander Downer that this should be an objective presentation and that he, as one who has dealt with the issues in the last five years, has the right and privilege to have the paper so he can say his opinion and give his assessment.Referring to his visit to the United Nations, the President said that he would hold a series of contacts denouncing once more Turkey’s arrogant, hard and intransigent stance. At the same time he expressed readiness to enter into dialogue on all matters on the basis of the last resolution 2026 of the UN Security Council to first come to agreement on the internal aspects of the Cyprus problem and then discuss a possible holding of an international conference. He stressed however that one cannot be optimist for  resumption of the talks if one takes into consideration the attitude of Mr. Eroglu , the Turkish Cypriot leader and in particular the stance of Ankara.

Asked if the UN secretary General will present his paper to the UN Security Council for endorsement the President said he did not think the Secretary General would put the document before the Security Council as it is a working document  for further efforts by the Secretary General and for the two sides.