September 28, 2021

UN Women Executive Board, Annual Session, 25-27 June 2013 – Item 6: Pledging event

Statement by Mr Stelios Makriyiannis, First Secretary

New York, 26 June 2013

Mr President

Since its inception in 2010 as the UN’s principal actor for gender equality and the empowerment of women, UN Women has successfully brought together resources and actions towards fulfilling the UN’s objectives in this field.

Cyprus is committed to promoting and furthering women’s rights and achieving gender equality, both at home and abroad, and attaches great importance to the full participation of women in all aspects of society.  In this context, Cyprus has been concretely supporting UN Women from the outset and we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the entity’s work and achievements thus far.

In these trying times, it is imperative to highlight the importance of and reaffirm our commitment to women’s rights.  Therefore, despite the current economic situation, Cyprus has decided to maintain a contribution to UN Women this year, as a symbol of our on-going commitment to the crucial work of the entity in promoting women’s rights.

Thank you, Mr President.


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