December 6, 2022

Right of Reply by Cyprus to Turkey during discussion on budget of UNFICYP at General Assembly

May 7, 2014

Statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Mr. Menelaos Menelaou

Mr. Chariman,

Thank you for giving me the floor. I will speak on agenda item 151 namely the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).

At the outset, I would like to express our appreciation to the Assistant Secretary General Ms. Maria Eugenia Casar and to the Chairman of the ACABQ , Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu for presenting their relevant reports.

We reserve to raise some remarks pertaining to the content of the reports with the Secretariat. Today we wish to express our appreciation for the fact that as long as the current abnormal situation in Cyprus persists, the budgetary allocation for UNFICYP is maintained to such level as to ensure the efficient exercise of its mandate.

Mr. Chairman,

I regret having to respond to the statement made a while ago by the distinguished delegate of Turkey, even though we consider that the issue under discussion is a technical one and does not merit any politicization.

Until last year, Turkey was not raising such issues under this Committee. We think that it is therefore legitimate to ask: Does this change of attitude correspond to the spirit of good will that should prevail amid negotiations for a solution to the Cyprus problem?

We had earnestly hoped that Turkey would at last abandon its adversarial statements and would adopt a new spirit of cooperation and partnership. We invite her to reconsider its stance.

It is indeed very weird, to say the least, for Turkey to be raising several issues of which herself is the source, through the maintenance of 40,000 occupation troops in Cyprus.

There is indeed room for modernization and adaptation to the current needs: by the withdrawal of these troops and by entering a new phase of normal relations with the Republic of Cyprus.

Lastly, it is regrettable that such positions are being promoted by a country seeking to become member of the Security Council, apparently in order to pursue its national aims contrary to the resolutions and the principles of this Organization.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.