May 9, 2021

President Clerides Congratulates UN Secretary General on Receipt of Nobel Peace Prize

President Glafcos Clerides has congratulated warmly UN Secretary General and the UN on being awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, noting this is a “most well deserved award”. In a letter to the UN Secretary General, the President notes that this highest accolade is a recognition of the central role the UN plays and of its strife to achieve world peace and security, a noble goal to which Cyprus is committed.

Expressing “greatest satisfaction” the President says the Nobel Peace Prize “recognizes the central role of the UN, its achievements and the hope that we all place in it for a world where peace, security and the rule of law, human rights and prosperity will be shared by all “.  “In fulfilling these goals, Cyprus is committed to playing its part ”  the President pledges.

Addressing Mr. Annan he says that “this highest accolade is testimony and recognition of your personal devotion and commitment to a better and more just world, evidence throughout your many years of service at the UN.”

“You have led by example in the pursuit of the goals and objectives of the UN Charter, no matter what position you have held, ” the President adds.

Referring to the work of the organization, the Cypriot President notes that at the turn of the new millennium it has become more central to the lives of a greater number of people than ever before as it is committed through development, peacekeeping, health or the environment to building a better and more prosperous future.

President Clerides notes that traditional challenges are now being supplemented by additional challenges that have to be addressed by the international community. “Terrorism, globalization or HIV/AIDS are some of the issues which the UN is being called upon to lead the international community to take effective action,” the letter notes.

“On behalf of the people of Cyprus who have placed their faith and trust in the UN and in all that it symbolizes, I salute and congratulate you and the men and women of the UN whose service to peace and a better world we recognize and applaud today,” the president said.