May 9, 2021

The Belgian EU Presidency Issues Declaration on Cyprus

In a statement issued today by the EU Belgian Presidency, the European Union has expressed its disappointment at the refusal of the Turkish side to accept a UN invitation to resume peace talks without preconditions, with a view to finding a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question.

Reiterating its full backing of the peace effort, the European Union expressed that it supports the communiqué issued by the President of the United Nations Security Council on 26 September 2001, and shares in particular in its disappointment at the Turkish sides’ refusal to take part in the meeting that was to be held on  September 12, 2001. The statement added that the EU continues to support unreservedly the efforts of the UN Secretary General to resume, without preconditions and in line with Security Council Resolution 1250, the search for a “global, sustainable settlement that complies with the pertinent Security Council resolutions”. It also called upon all the parties involved to cooperate in the process to ensure a political settlement before the completion of Cyprus’ negotiations to join the European Union.