September 28, 2021

Cyprus Parliament Condemns Violence in the Middle East

The plenary of the House of Representatives on 7 February, unanimously approved a resolution expressing concern over the serious deterioration of the situation in the Middle East and condemned the violence exercised by the Israeli forces and Palestinian Islamic militants.“Having considered the further worsening of the critical situation in the Palestinian territories, in a way that threatens peace in the area, the House of Representatives condemns the punitive and revengeful demolition of Palestinian houses, the displacements of families and the destruction of Palestinian properties, ” the resolution says.

The House also condemns the isolation of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which it describes as an an “unacceptable measure” and supports the dispatch of an international force of observers to the Palestinian territories.

It calls upon the two sides to support the peace process and work for a solution of the Middle East problem.