September 28, 2021

Statement by the Foreign Minister on the Establishment of a Permanent International Criminal Court

The Statement of a permanent International Criminal Court and the early entry into force of the Rome Statute of the ICC have been issues of great importance for the Republic of Cyprus and part of a long-held policy. It is therefore with profound satisfaction that I was informed that today the remaining number of ratifications needed for the Statute to enter into force were deposited at a special ceremony organized by the United Nations.

The forthcoming entry into force of this landmark instrument of international law will be an event of historic significance for humankind. It will signal the realization of the aspirations and untiring efforts of the international community to create an international law, and to promote international peace and justice. The Republic of Cyprus, by recently becoming the 55th country to have ratified the Statute, is pleased to have contributed to the attainment of the establishment of a permanent body empowered to fight crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

I would like to take this opportunity to express personally and on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus our readiness to continue contributing to the efforts of making the International Criminal Court a reality.