June 25, 2022

Cyprus Offers Economic Assistance to Timor-Leste

The Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the United Nations, Ambassador Sotos Zackheos, donated earlier today a check of $10000 to the Permanent Representative of Timor-Leste, Ambassador Jose Louis Guterres, as an expression of the unwavering support of the Government of Cyprus in light of the recent acceptance of Timor-Leste as a member state of the united Nations organization.During their meeting, Ambassador Zackheos congratulated Ambassador Guterres on the successful outcome of the Timorese people’s struggle for independence and welcomed the efforts underway for the improvement of bilateral relations between Timor-Leste and Indonesia, in the hope of creating a climate of reconciliation and cooperation between the two countries.

The Permanent Representative of Cyprus added that its is with great satisfaction that Cyprus is donating this symbolic amount of money to Timor-Leste and he reassured Ambassador Guterres of the continuing support of the Government of Cyprus towards Timor-Leste. Ambassador Zackheos also referred to the fact that Cyprus is ready to provide advice to Timor-Leste in order to help the country find its place in the international community and overcome any challenges that may arise.

Ambassador Zackheos also referred to the struggle of the Cypriot people for freedom and justice and the importance of safeguarding international law, especially for small vulnerable countries, so that the respect of human rights can be safeguarded-an endeavor that constitutes a basic requirement for the universal upholding of justice, peace and legality.

In response, the Permanent Representative of Timor-Leste warmly thanked the Cyprus Government for its long running support of the Timorese people, especially during their struggle for independence and he noted that this support has created warm, friendly feelings for Cyprus amongst the Timorese people, who strongly support a resolution of the Cyprus problem based on UN resolutions.