October 1, 2020

Cyprus Architecture in the 21st Century

On Thursday May 8th at the Cyprus House in NY, a lecture on the topic of ‘Architecture in Cyprus in the 21st century’ was given by the architect of Cypriot descent Theocharis David who is a practicing architect in the US and Cyprus and a Professor of Architecture at the Pratt Institute in New York.

The event was organized by the Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Cyprus Trade Center in New York and was attended by many professors, renowned architects and members of the chamber of commerce.

During a brief introduction, the President of the Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce, Andreas Comodromos, referred to the goals of the Chamber in the United States , which include the tightening of commercial ties between Cyprus and the US . He then spoke about their varied program of future events.

The Commercial Counselor for Cyprus in the US , Mr. Dennis Droushiotis and the Consul General of Cyprus in New York , Mrs. Martha Maurommatis then congratulated the Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce for its wide-ranging activities and its efforts to enhance the commercial image of Cyprus within the US . Mrs. Maurommatis also referred to the significance of April 16th 2003 – the day of the signing of Cyprus ’ accession treaty to the EU.

Professor Theo David then gave his lecture employing the use of slides to contrast the past with present Cypriot architecture and its natural progression from the days of the ancient Chirokitia to the modern housing of the 21st century. Professor David also spoke about the housing needs that were created by the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus in 1974 and the subsequent creation of an Architectural Co-operative under the leadership of the Cypriot architect and former Minister of Education Mr. Pefkios Georgiades. This Architectural Co-operative, in which Professor David participated, worked hard immediately following the Turkish invasion to build emergency refugee housing for the thousands of Greek-Cypriot refugees.

During his presentation, the Professor gave a detailed account of current modern constructions in Cyprus and he made detailed reference to public buildings such as the GSP Pancypria Stadium in Nicosia which he designed after winning an international competition.

Professor David concluded his speech by stating that Cyprus offers an incredibly unique challenge for creativity because of its diverse beauty and history.

The lecture was followed by a wine Cypriot tasting organized by the Cyprus Trade Center .