May 9, 2021

2018 Young Professionals Programme

The United Nations Secretariat Announces the 2018 Young Professionals Programme for Cyprus

June 5, 2018 – The Republic of Cyprus is pleased to announce the participation of its nationals in the 2018 Young Professionals Programme (YPP).

The UN Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is an entry exam for future young professionals to start a career as an international civil servant in the United Nations Secretariat.

Julie Weintraub, the UN Secretariat 2018 YPP Coordinator: “It is very meaningful to see young professionals with diverse backgrounds succeed in the YPP exam and begin their career in the UN. We hope to attract even more qualified candidates from un- and under-represented countries.”

In 2018, 65 countries including Cyprus are invited to participate in the YPP. The exams will be administered online in the following areas:

1) Legal Affairs;

2) Social Affairs;

3) Statistics.

Nationals of  CYPRUS with a Bachelor’s degree or at least a 3-year equivalent degree relevant to the three fields who are 32 years or younger and fluent in English and/or French are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted by the UN Secretariat from 11 June through 9 August 2018 (closes at 11:59 p.m. New York Time)

Please log in to to view and apply to the Job Openings (JO).

For more detailed information about the 2018 YPP please visit: and follow UN Careers social media.

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