September 28, 2021

Proclamation by New York Governor on Cyprus Independence Day

Whereas, the people of the Empire State are proud to commemorate historic milestones, especially those which bear profound meaning within the lives of our fellow citizens; adding great distinction to our State, are people and entire communities of Hellenic ancestry – many of whom trace their roots to the beautiful, historically-significant island of Cyprus; having settled in communities across our Nation, these men and women of good character and primarily of Orthodox Christian faith discovered that their spiritual and moral values complement our State and Nation’s honored philosophy of freedom, democracy and opportunity for all.

Whereas, October 1, 2003 marks the 43rd anniversary of Cyprus’ independence from the United Kingdom and the people of Cyprus, both here and abroad, are engaging in a year-long observance of this holiday while reflecting on the strong, enduring relationship that exists between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Sates; the Republic of Cyprus looks to the United States for continued assistance in finding a solution to the Cyprus question; and

Whereas. The 43rd anniversary of Cypriot independence is a positive and inspiring event in the modern history of Cyprus; a discussion of the Republic of Cyprus calls to the minds of many people, its illegal occupation by Turkey in the northern part of the one true Republic; the sense of injustice Greek Cypriots feel in this matter continues to be a source of disheartenment and dismay; however efforts being made by the world community to resolve the Cyprus issue are furthered by increasing awareness of Cyprus and its people and knowledge of the joyful celebration of Cypriot independence by the people; and

Whereas, it is fitting that all New Yorkers join their fellow citizens of Cypriot ancestry as they celebrate the 43rd anniversary of Cypriot Independence, keeping in mind the modern day struggle by the Republic of Cyprus against oppressive forces which threaten the promising future and freedom of their proud nation;

Now, Therefore, I, George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of New York , do hereby proclaim October 1, 2003 as REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS INDEPENDENCE DAY in the Empire State .