September 28, 2021

Statement by Amb. Mavroyiannis, “Report of the ILC”, Sixth Committee, 5 November 2020

amb-ilc item 80 “Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its seventy-second session”, Sixth Committee

UN Headquarters, 5 November 2020

Mr. Chairman,

This year’s discussion is being conducted in the light of the postponement of the seventy-second session of the ILC to 2021 owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic conditions. While circumstances have made the completion of the work of the ILC, as well as the preparation of its Report impossible, we believe that it is important to continue discussing and to reflect on the vital work of the ILC in the progressive development of international law and its codification. At the same time we would like to thank the current ILC members for their commitment and efforts and call upon them to continue their important work in order to complete consideration of the topics on the program of work for the seventy-second and seventy-third sessions that are at an advanced stage.

We also take this opportunity to welcome the interaction meeting, which was organized on 28 October 2020, as part of the activities of the Sixth Committee at the current session, with five distinguished members of the ILC. The four chosen items that were presented orally are key legal issues to which my delegation attaches particular attention and importance. As there is no adequate time for thorough presentation of our views on all the topics that were presented, we would like to confirm that our legal positions remain consistent with the views expressed by my delegation during previous sessions, and that Cyprus will submit its written remarks on the said topics as requested. Furthermore, we urge the Commission to continue their relevant analysis and work for future consideration.


Mr. Chairman,

Cyprus highly values the work of the ILC and acknowledges that the development of general international law during the past 70 years has, to a great extent, been achieved directly or indirectly as a result of the Commission’s efforts. At the same time, we believe that the program of the Commission for the next decade can be enriched with new topical issues of international law, as well as with innovative working methods that would ensure the fulfilment of the Commission’s mandate in all circumstances. Furthermore, we believe that the ILC can do more in the field of clarification of the definition and scope of important concepts, pertaining to customary international law and/ or enshrined in treaties. The goal of the Commission’s work is to contribute to the legal certainty and the rule of law at the international level, such as in the case of the international law of the sea and the delimitation of maritime zones, the international protection of human rights, and the process for better clarification of the framework and criteria for the registration of instruments under Article 102 of the UN Charter, as my delegation suggested in this Committee a few days ago.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.