January 25, 2022

New confidence building measures

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus, in its effort to reduce tensions, enhance the climate of cooperation and confidence among the two communities, materializing its ultimate goal of the reunification of the country, has taken a series of measures that serve this purpose: A. The Government suggests the opening of eight further crossing points along the cease fire lines. B. The process of demining, which has already started unilaterally by the Government of Cyprus for mine fields of the National Guard within the buffer zone, to be extended. C. Ôhe unmanning of military forces in the walled town of Nicosia and also at the area of Derineia – Famagusta, the town that has been occupied and empty since 1974. D. At the same time the Government suggests the limitation of military manoeuvres across the cease fire lines and to an extent of two kilometres each side north and south. E. Furthermore the Government has suggested the return, the freeing of the closed town of Famagusta, which has been occupied since 1974 and remains empty, in connection with the efforts for the opening of the Famagusta port in a legitimate manner to be operated for the benefit of both communities. The freeing of the town of Famagusta is of course a prerequisite for further discussions in relation of the operation of the Famagusta port.

Of course all these measures are being suggested on the basis of reciprocity.

These are the measures announced by the Government today and of course further measures that are now being discussed with the European Union will be announced at a later stage.