November 16, 2018

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Resolutions adopted by the Security Council

   ●  S/Res/2430 (2018)  ●  S/Res/2398 (2018)  ●S/Res/2369 (2017●S/Res/2338 (2017)   S/Res/2300 (2016)  ●S/Res/2263 (2016) S/Res/2234 (2015) ●S/Res/2197 (2015) ●S/Res/2168 (2014)●S/Res/2135 (2014)●S/Res/2114 (2013)●S/Res/2089 (2013)S/Res/2058 (2012) ●S/Res/2026 (2011) S/Res/1986(2011)S/Res/1953(2010) ●S/Res/1930(2010)S/Res/1898(2009)S/Res/1873(2009) ●S/Res/1847(2008) ●S/Res/1818(2008)S/Res/1789(2007)S/Res/1758(2007) ●S/Res/1728(2006)S/Res/1687(2006) ●S/Res/1642(2005)S/Res/1604(2005) ●S/Res/1568(2004)S/Res/1548(2004) ●S/Res/1517(2003)S/Res/1486(2003) ●S/Res/1442(2002) ●S/Res/1416(2002)S/Res/1384(2001)S/Res/1354(2001) ●S/Res/1331(2000)S/Res/1303(2000)S/Res/1283(1999) ●S/Res/1251(1999)S/Res/1250(1999) ●S/Res/1218(1998) ●S/Res/1217(1998) ●S/Res/1179(1998)S/Res/1178(1998)S/Res/1146(1997) ●S/Res/1117(1997)S/Res/1092(1996) ●S/Res/1062(1996) ●S/Res/1032(1995)S/Res/1000(1995)S/Res/969(1994) ●S/Res/939(1994) ●S/Res/927(1994)S/Res/902(1994) ●S/Res/889(1993) ●S/Res/839(1993)S/Res/831(1993) ●S/Res/796(1992) ●S/Res/789(1992)S/Res/774(1992) ●S/Res/759(1992) ●S/Res/750(1992) ●S/Res/723(1991)S/Res/716(1991) ●S/Res/698(1991)S/Res/697(1991) ●S/Res/682(1990)S/Res/680(1990) ●S/Res/657(1990)S/Res/649(1990) ●S/Res/646(1989) ●S/Res/634(1989)S/Res/625(1988) ●S/Res/614(1988)S/Res/604(1987) ●S/Res/597(1987)S/Res/593(1986)S/Res/585(1986)  ●S/Res/578(1985) ●S/Res/565(1985)S/Res/559(1984)S/Res/553(1984) ●S/Res/550(1984)S/Res/544(1983) ●S/Res/541(1983)S/Res/534(1983)  ●S/Res/526(1982)S/Res/510(1982)S/Res/495(1981) ●S/Res/488(1981)S/Res/486(1981)  ●S/Res/482(1980)S/Res/472(1980)S/Res/458(1979) ●S/Res/451(1979) ●S/Res/443(1978) ●S/Res/440(1978)S/Res/430(1978) ●S/Res/422(1977) ●S/Res/414(1977)S/Res/410(1977) ●S/Res/401(1976)S/Res/391(1976) ●S/Res/383(1975)S/Res/370(1975) ●S/Res/367(1975)S/Res/365(1974) ●S/Res/364(1974)S/Res/361(1974) ●S/Res/360(1974)S/Res/359(1974) ●S/Res/358(1974) ●S/Res/357(1974)S/Res/355(1974) ●S/Res/354(1974) ●S/Res/353(1974)S/Res/349(1974) ●S/Res/343(1973)S/Res/334(1973) ●S/Res/324(1972)S/Res/315(1972)S/Res/305(1971)S/Res/293(1971)  ●S/Res/291(1970)S/Res/281(1970)S/Res/274(1969) ●S/Res/266(1969)S/Res/261(1968) ●S/Res/254(1968)S/Res/247(1968) ●S/Res/244(1967)S/Res/238(1967) ●S/Res/231(1966)S/Res/222(1966) ●S/Res/220(1966)S/Res/219(1965)  ●S/Res/207(1965) ●S/Res/206(1965)S/Res/201(1965) ●S/Res/198(1964) ●S/Res/194(1964) ●S/Res/193(1964) ●S/Res/192(1964)S/Res/187(1964)S/Res/186(1964)

Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly

A/Res/37/253(1983)A/Res/34/30(1979)A/Res/33/15(1978)A/Res/32/15(1977)A/Res/31/12(1976)A/Res/3395(XXX)1975A/Res/3212(XXIX) 1974


On missing persons



On human rights

1987/50 1987 ●17 (XXXIV) 1978 ●4 (XXXII) 1976 ●4 (XXXI) 1975



Δηλώσεις Προέδρου της Δημοκρατίας κ. Χριστόφια μετά τη λήξη των συναντήσεων του Greentree και την δήλωση του ΓΓ ΟΗΕ προς το τύπο

Πρώτα να μου επιτρέψετε να πω λίγα λόγια για τη συνάντηση ως τέτοια. Γνωρίζετε πολύ καλά ότι στους  δύο-δυόμισι μήνες  που έχουν διαρρεύσει από τη πρώτη συνάντηση μέχρι  τη δεύτερη συνάντηση, κατά τη δική μας την εκτίμηση, δεν δικαιολογείτο η πρόσκληση του Γενικού Γραμματέα νοουμένου ότι δεν είχε επιτευχθεί οποιαδήποτε πρόοδος.  Αυτή είναι η αλήθεια. [Read more…]

Secretary-General’s statement following meeting with the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Leaders

Secretary-General Briefs on Two-Day Cyprus Talks - UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would once again like to thank Their Excellencies, Mr. Christofias and Mr. Eroðlu, for accepting my invitation to join me at Greentree over the last two days. [Read more…]

Secretary-General’s press conference – Abstract on the situation in Cyprus

Question: Mr. Secretary-General, now you have invested heavily, personally, in this Cyprus problem, for a solution in Cyprus, and you have spent a lot of time for the past few days in Greentree with the leaders. Are you disappointed that there is no concrete solution, at least for this stage here in New York? That is my first question. [Read more…]

Transcript of Media Encounter at Greentree Alexander Downer, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus

Secretary-General Meets Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Leaders at Greentree - UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for coming along, as you know this is the fifth meeting of the Secretary-General with the two leaders.  [Read more…]

Reports of the Secretary-General on his good offices mission

S/2018/610  S/2017/814 S/2016/15 (7 Jan 2016)S/2011/498 (8 Aug 2011)S/2011/112 (4 Mar 2011)S/2010/603 (24 Nov 2010)S/2010/238 (11 May 2010)S/2009/610 (30 Nov 2009)S/2004/437 (28 May 2004)S/2004/302 (16 April 2004)S/2003/398 (1 April 2003)S/1999/707 (22 June 1999)S/1998/518 (16 June 1998)S/1997/973 (12 Dec 1997)S/1996/1055 (17 December 1996)S/1996/467 (25 June 1996)S/1994/380 (4 April 1994)S/1994/262 (4 Mar 1994)

Reports of the Secretary-General on UNFICYP

   ●  S/2018/25 (9 January 2018)● S/2017/586 (10 July 2017) ● S/2017/20 (9 January 2017) ●S/2016/598 (8 January 2016) ●S/2016/11 (6 January 2016) ●S/2015/517 (2 July 2015) ● S/2015/17 (9 January 2015) S/2014/461 (9 July 2014)●S/2013/781 (30 December 2013)S/2013/7 (7 January 2013)S/2012/507 (29 June 2012)S/2011/746 /Corr.1 (5 Dec 2011)S/2011/746 (30 Nov 2011)S/2011/332 (31 May 2011) ●S/2010/605 (26 Nov 2010) ●S/2010/264 (28 May 2010)S/2009/609 (25 Nov 2009) ●S/2009/248 (15 May 2009) ●S/2008/744 (28 Nov 2008) ●S/2008/353 (2 Jun 2008) ●S/2007/699/Corr.1 (7 Dec 2007) ●S/2007/699 (3 Dec 2007) ●S/2007/328 (4 Jun 2007) ●S/2006/931 (1 Dec 2006)S/2006/315 (27 May 2006)S/2005/743/Corr.1 (29 Nov 2005)S/2005/743 (29 Nov 2005)S/2005/353 (27 May 2005)S/2004/756 (24 Sept 2004)S/2004/427 (26 May 2004)S/2003/1078 (12 Nov 2003)S/2003/572 (27 May 2003)S/2002/590 (30 May 2002)S/2001/1122 (30 Nov 2001)S/2001/534 (30 May 2001)S/2000/1138 (1 Dec 2000)S/2000/496 (26 May 2000)S/1999/1203 (29 Nov 1999)S/1999/657 (8 June 1999)S/1998/1149 (7 Dec 1998)S/1998/488 (10 June 1998)S/1997/962 (8 Dec 1997)S/1997/437 (5 June 1997)S/1996/1016 (10 Dec 1996)S/1996/411 (7 June 1996)S/1995/1020 (10 Dec 1995)S/1995/488 (15 June 1995)

Press Release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Chariot ship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the following regarding the docking of the Chariot cargo ship in the Limassol harbour area: [Read more…]